Summer feels all over again. ♥

This kid is now 2yrs old! Happy Birthday Eche! ♥

And I finally able to experience Haciendas de Naga (tho Wave Pool only)! Lol I’ll sure be coming back for more adventures. :)

Dahil underweight pa ko sa lagay kong to, we’re eating AGAIN! @maeyentot 😁😋✌️🐷🙊

Founder’s Favorite! 😍👍✌️🍦💙

Coldshack kind of Saturday night! 😘😋👍✌️💖🍦

SSS not for Share of Surviving Spouse but Saturday night at Soledad eating Spanish cuisine! Much better! 😁😜👍✌️💗🍛

Selfie with food trip buddy! 😁✌️😋🐷

It’s Mondaaaaaay! 😅😮

We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.

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